HAPPENING NOW (9.24.14): What we know so far about the situation tonight in Ferguson. NO clear signs of looting, just heresay from a couple of folks who say they saw folks taking merch. NO SHOT FIRED at the scene (reporter says he heard what could have been shots in the distance, away from where protesters are). No violent clashes as of yet between protesters and police, though tensions are high. The timing on all this… it’s just fucking suspicious. #staywoke #farfromover

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Like you couldn’t get a Japanese girl to be on the cover of Vogue Japan’s anniversary…

Devon Aoki would have been a perfect choice. 

And a big fuck you to the Daily Mail for sexualizing Geishas.

Where are the white feminists?

oh right you’re silent, you’re always silent. 

not tryna dismiss anyone and please call me out if im wrong but:

Vogue japan is run by japanese people for japanese people. This was a decision made by a japanese person. Isnt this a classic case of cultural dissonance? Like that horrible hello kitty video by avril. Americans cried racism over that all day but the video was directed by a japanese person and her japanese fans loved it and found nothing wrong with the content

Like I just think it’s really ironic that so many social justice oriented people on this site have views that are ridiculously western-centric. Racism is relative to the country’s own society. If Vogue America printed a magazine cover celebrating japanese people with a white person on the cover, I’d definitely agree with you there. But that’s not the case. Stop bringing western concepts of racism into a different country. It doesn’t work and you only wind up yelling over the voices of people living in japan who have different views than you.

Basically this.

If anything this cover is actually making the Australian woman (the foreigner) come off as exotic. Many non-Asian foreigners and Half/Doubles (terms used to refer to Japanese of mixed heritage, with Half being the term that has been given to them by Japanese society, referencing the fact that they only have “half” Japanese blood, and the latter (Double) being a newer term that some Half have made for themselves to refer to the fact that they are bi or multi-racial) are used in advertisements in Japan due to their exotic looks.

I remember reading an post made by a Half/Double (whose mother was from another Asian country) and they stated that it was incredibly hard to find a job and to fit into society, especially since, those who are Half/Double and have a parent who is white or black have the “exotic” looking going for them, so they can always go the entertainment/modeling route (but that’s about it). So, if anything, this just appears to be another case of  that (non-Asian foreigners being used for exotification purposes (the opposite, you could say, of Orientalism).

Japanese people in Japan did speak out against it tho. There’s something uncomfortable about making their opinions more legit than the diaspora. But yeah. Is not like they’re all oblivious to that stuff. Ppl pit use the “diaspora vs homeland” against us all the time to dismiss cultural appropriation

And I did a bit of research and the woman behind the Vogue Japan and the decision to style the model like this is white

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a summary of my lunch with the boy: he insulted mako mori and i dumped him

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